Frequently Asked Product Related Questions

What is VUSE?

VUSE is the only Electronic Cigarette (or, "e-cigarette") that finally delivers a satisfying and great tasting vapor experience combined with consistent and reliable performance.

Why is it called a Digital Vapor Cigarette?

VUSE is the most advanced e-cigarette and the first e-cigarette designed with Smart Technology. The VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette contains a VaporDelivery Processor that uses algorithms in the same way a computer does, therefore it is "digital." The VaporDelivery Processor in the PowerUnit, working with the SmartMemory™ microchip in the Cartridge, monitors and adjusts the power and heat delivered to the Cartridge up to 2,000 times a second, ensuring consistently satisfying puffs.

What does the "vapor" in "Digital Vapor Cigarettes" reference?

VUSE products produce vapor, not smoke. They do not burn tobacco, but rather, heat liquid containing nicotine derived from tobacco.

Do VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes produce tobacco smoke?

No. VUSE products do not produce tobacco smoke. "Smoking" or "smoke" specifically means the burning of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other matter or substance that contains a tobacco product.

Do VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes produce "secondhand" smoke?

VUSE products produce vapor, not smoke. They do not burn tobacco, but rather, heat liquid containing nicotine derived from tobacco.

How do VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes work?

An adult tobacco consumer connects a VUSE Cartridge to the PowerUnit, then inhales to activate a battery that heats the V-Liquid™, producing vapor.

Is there a VUSE Disposable e-cigarette?

No, VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes are only offered in rechargeable formats.

Why doesn't VUSE offer disposable styles?

VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes use rechargeable technology to minimize waste for adult tobacco consumers and to help minimize its environmental impact. The VUSE Solo provides the same convenience and affordability as disposable e-cigarettes in the market, but with cost savings and opportunity for future use. Every VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette comes pre-charged and ready to go right out of the pack. The USB charger included with all VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes lets adult tobacco consumers who enjoy VUSE continue doing so by simply purchasing replacement Cartridges. This affords cost savings for adult tobacco consumers and helps reduce the environmental impact from the disposal of additional Lithium Polymer batteries. As of mid-2013, the electronic cigarette market is about 72% disposable.

Does VUSE offer a recycling program?

Yes. VUSE offers an entirely cost-free and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your depleted VUSE PowerUnit and Cartridges. To participate in the VUSE Recycling Program, consumers need only to visit or call a toll free number to register. We will send a pre-paid mailer so that, when ready, adult tobacco consumers can return VUSE PowerUnits and Cartridges to the company for recycling. Go to to join the Recycling Program and find out more.


What is the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette made of?

A VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette consists of a VUSE PowerUnit connected to a VUSE Cartridge.

Do VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes contain nicotine?

Yes. VUSE Cartridges include the highest quality nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant.

What is the level of nicotine in the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette?

The VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette liquid contains 4.8% nicotine by weight.

Do VUSE products contain tobacco?

No. VUSE products do not contain actual tobacco. However, the nicotine in VUSE is derived from tobacco.

Are VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes considered tobacco products?

Yes. Because VUSE products contain tobacco-derived nicotine, they meet the definition of tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The Food and Drug Administration has stated its intent to regulate these types of products as tobacco products.

Why is there a different warning on VUSE packaging than on combustible cigarettes?

While VUSE products are considered to be tobacco products, they are not combustible cigarettes. VUSE products are Digital Vapor Cigarettes. Therefore, they carry warnings appropriate for the product category.

Do I smoke a VUSE the same way I smoke a traditional cigarette?

No. According to our conversations with adult vapers, the best way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience is to take longer and slower puffs.

What are the ingredients of VUSE V-Liquid™?

VUSE V-Liquid is made of high quality ingredients consisting of tobacco-derived nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, reverse-osmosis water and natural and artificial flavorings.

Are VUSE products for quitting smoking?

No. The VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette is not a smoking cessation product. It is a tobacco product, and no tobacco product is safe or without risk. The best course of action for tobacco consumers concerned about their health is to quit. VUSE presents an alternative for adult smokers who may be interested in switching to a smoke- free tobacco product. The VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette offers many advantages over a traditional cigarette that adult tobacco consumers may find attractive--there's no ash and no burning odor. For adult tobacco consumers who have made the informed decision to continue using tobacco products and are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, VUSE is another option to consider.

How long does the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette cartridge last compared to combustible cigarettes?

It is important to note that all adult tobacco consumers use tobacco products differently, so comparing the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette with a combustible cigarette is not necessarily an accurate comparison. In terms of length of use, generally speaking, one VUSE Cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of combustible cigarettes.

What type of battery do VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes use?

A VUSE PowerUnit uses one Lithium Polymer battery. Similar batteries are found in cellular phones and other consumer electronic goods.

How many puffs come from one Cartridge?

One Cartridge lasts about the same as one pack of cigarettes.

What if there is a problem with my VUSE product?

VUSE stands behind the quality and superiority of its products. If there is a product issue with a purchased VUSE product, consumers are encouraged to call Customer Service at 1-877-614-VUSE (8873). A representative will assist and provide options at that time.

Can I use non-VUSE Cartridges with the VUSE PowerUnit?

No. VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes include proprietary encryption technology that does not permit any non-VUSE cartridges to be used with VUSE PowerUnits. This ensures our adult tobacco consumers enjoy high quality and superior vapor experience - without risk of counterfeit or substandard cartridges. VUSE Cartridges are only compatible with VUSE products.

Can I use VUSE Cartridges with non-VUSE power units?

No. VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes include proprietary encryption technology that does not permit any other e-cigarette to be used with VUSE Cartridges.

Why does VUSE not look more like a traditional cigarette?

VUSE was designed to look different, because it - is - different. Some e-cigarettes are made to closely resemble combustible cigarettes. VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes were not designed this way. VUSE's design reflects the unique componentry found inside every VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette.

How long will the battery stay charged?

The VUSE rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery should last, on average, one day before requiring charging. The battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually require replacement with the purchase of another VUSE Solo. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use, however, and a VUSE Solo on average should last roughly four to six months.

How many charges does a PowerUnit last for before it needs replacing?

Battery life and charge cycles vary by use, however, the VUSE rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery has limited recharge cycles and will eventually require replacement through purchase of a new VUSE Solo. On average the battery should last from four to six months. The number of charges can vary over the lifetime of the battery, depending on length and frequency of charges, but on average, if using one cartridge per day, a VUSE PowerUnit battery can be expected to last from four to six months. After fully charging the battery, on average the VUSE battery should hold a charge for about a whole day, depending on how it is used. If battery life is shorter, it may need charging more frequently.

How will I know when it is time to change the Cartridge or recharge the PowerUnit?

VUSE is the only Digital Vapor Cigarette designed with a SmartLight™ Indicator to always keep consumers informed. The SmartLight Indicator informs on both the battery and Cartridge life. The SmartLight flashes white for two seconds when the Cartridge is getting low. The light flashes red for two seconds when the battery is getting low. When the SmartLight flashes white continuously, it is time to change the Cartridge. When the light flashes red continuously, it is time to recharge the battery.

How do I know the VUSE PowerUnit is charging?

When you insert the VUSE PowerUnit into the VUSE USB charger, the SmartLight indicator will blink red as the PowerUnit is charging. When the PowerUnit has reached full charge, the SmartLight indicator will glow white, indicating the PowerUnit is fully charged.

Is the battery used in VUSE UL certified?

Yes. The VUSE battery cell is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and IEC Certified (International Electrotechnical Commission). The VUSE PowerUnit is FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Certified.

Is there a way to remove the battery from the PowerUnit?

No. The Lithium Polymer battery is housed inside the VUSE PowerUnit and is not accessible.

Are VUSE Cartridges tamper-resistant?

Yes. VUSE Cartridges are designed to prevent modification by consumers.

Why are VUSE Cartridges foil sealed?

VUSE Cartridges are foil sealed to lock in freshness and flavor.

What is the VUSE PowerUnit?

The VUSE PowerUnit is a stainless steel rod that houses the electronics. The electronics consist of a Lithium Polymer battery, a VUSE VaporDelivery microprocessor, the VUSE LED SmartLight indicator and power management software. The PowerUnit was designed for efficiency and ensures the longest usage time between charging, contributing to longer battery life. The PowerUnit connects to a VUSE Cartridge.

What is VUSE V-Liquid™?

VUSE Cartridges contain V-Liquid, a proprietary blend unique to VUSE. V-Liquid was developed and blended by tobacco experts with over 100 years of experience making great tasting tobacco products. The V-Liquid contained in all VUSE Cartridges is made with the highest quality ingredients under strict manufacturing standards.

What is the VUSE SmartLight™?

The VUSE SmartLight is an LED at the tip of the PowerUnit informing consumers when both the battery and/or Cartridge are running low, and when it is time to replace the Cartridge or recharge the battery. The LED indicates with a white light when the Cartridge is nearing expiration; and with a red light when the battery is getting low. The VUSE SmartLight puts consumers in full control of the experience.

What is the VUSE SmartMemory™?

VUSE SmartMemory is designed to take the guesswork out of how many puffs have been taken from the Cartridge. While other e-cigarettes cannot inform consumers when cartridges are empty or how much liquid remains, VUSE SmartMemory knows precisely when the cartridge is finished. The SmartLight indicator flashes white, letting the consumer know it's time to change the Cartridge. If a consumer wishes to swap cartridges or replace a battery mid-use, SmartMemory remembers how many puffs have been taken, and how many puffs remain in each cartridge.

What is the VUSE VaporDelivery Processor?

The VUSE VaporDelivery Processor in the PowerUnit, working with the SmartMemory microchip in the Cartridge, continuously monitors and adjusts the power and heat delivered to the Cartridge up to 2,000 times a second, throughout the puff duration, ensuring consistently satisfying puffs.

What is the VUSE QuickConnect?

VUSE QuickConnect Cartridges feature a unique interface designed for ease of use. A consumer connects the Cartridge to the PowerUnit, producing a "click." The proprietary interface means only VUSE Cartridges can connect to VUSE PowerUnits, ensuring VUSE standards of quality.

What happens if my battery won't charge?

After fully charging, the VUSE battery on average should provide enough energy for more than a cartridge. If your battery life is shorter, it may need more frequent charging.

Will the VUSE wall adapter and car adapter charge the product by themselves?

No. The wall adapter and car adapter need to be used in conjunction with the VUSE USB Charger. The USB charger is the only component that actually charges the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette. A USB Charger can be connected to either the wall adapter, the car adapter or the USB port of a computer.

Where can I purchase VUSE accessories?

VUSE accessories are available for purchase online at, which is restricted to verified adult tobacco consumers 21 years of age or older.

What types of VUSE accessories are available?

VUSE accessories include an assortment of carrying cases, car charger, wall charger, and a USB charger.

Why can't I purchase VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes or Cartridges online like other e-cigarette manufacturers?

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company does not offer VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes for sale online. Reynolds American and its operating companies are committed to youth tobacco prevention, and we believe face-to-face sales allow greater security against youth access to tobacco products, as clerks can check IDs. Furthermore, adult tobacco consumers are accustomed to purchasing tobacco products at traditional retail stores. Therefore, we are focusing distribution of our products through traditional retail outlets to minimize potential out-of-stock situations.

What does the name "VUSE" mean?

"VUSE" (rhymes with "news") is a unique term combining "V" of "vapor" and "use"--referring to the product's use.

Can the VUSE battery or product overheat?

The heater has an auto shutoff mechanism that ensures the maximum heating activation cannot exceed four seconds per puff. The battery is protected via electronics to prevent a range of unsafe conditions that could lead to overheating. This is just one of the benefits of having microprocessors and intelligence built into VUSE PowerUnits and Cartridges.

Why doesn't VUSE provide refillable Cartridges?

VUSE pioneered digital vapor cigarette technology to ensure consumers get a perfect puff - each time, every time. VUSE Cartridges were designed with a closed Cartridge system that prevents the consumer from using the cartridges with third party electronic cigarette devices. VUSE intentionally does not offer refillable replacement Cartridges to help ensure that our products cannot be modified and in turn, offer only a superior vaping experience.